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Beginning with William Rodgers and following the Family of Parker Rodgers and Hannah Blue

[Hannah is # in 4th generation families of Blaw/Blue Family]

This is only the first two generations to come to Montgomery County, Missouri, this has been taken from another publication and is not complete.

The Blaw/Blue Family

This Hannah Blue information has come from the above mentioned Blaw/Blue book and the following information on the family of Hannah Blue and Parker Rodgers is attributed to the research done by James P. Rodgers, who started about 1930, accumulating the names of the descendants of William Rodgers [1778-1841] and Mary Pearlie Harness 1780-1857] .

Although he gives the names of the children and some information on each child, if he had it; he followed only the line of their son, Parker Rodgers [1807-1887] and his wife, Hannah Blue [1810-1875].

This family history was put into a series of charts. The first six pages were pedigree type charts, with the first page showing three generations. The next five pages show a part of the third generation and goes through the fourth, fifth and sixth generations.

The remainder of pages eight through fifteen alphabetically listed all blood kin, and spouses with the dates of birth, marriage, death and places if known.

Any errors in the original record have not been verified or corrected, with the exception of the death place of William Rodgers and Mary Harness Rodgers, which was listed as Pennsylvania. their graves were found in the old Fulton Burying Ground near Rising Sun, Ohio County, Indiana and pictures taken of the grave sites.

This work was completed in 1950 and copies sent to any member of the family interested in their ancestry. At that time, there were many living descendants of who assisted James P. Rodgers with as much information as possible. Many of those persons are now deceased and many more have been born.

This is not an attempt to follow these deaths and births, but merely to put this record in a different format.

William Rodgers will be listed as number 100. His children will continue as indented numbers as children and the same number to the far left as adults, with their children numbered and indented until they are shown as adults. Children of whom nothing is known will be shown only as a child of their parents and not as adults, with as much information given as is available.

To trace a specific person, first find his/her name indented, with the parents, and dates listed above. To find the parent as a child, turn back to the previous generation to find the parent as a child. Trace the numbers back to William Rodgers, # 100.


All references to Indiana and Missouri are assumptions of the area of Ohio County, Indiana and Montgomery County, Missouri unless otherwise noted.

* indicates informatiom received from another descendent of William Rodgers, through their son, Lee Rodgers and wife, Ann Fulton.

*[John Rodgers, born about 1743, died 13 June 1834 in the Fulton Burying Ground. stone gives death date and says he was 91 years old.] This is possibly the father of William Rodgers. No proof at this time.

100. William Rodgers was born in Pennsylvania on the 4th of February 1778 and died in present day Ohio County, Indiana May 12, 1841. He married Mary Pearlie Harness, born May 12 1780 in Pennsylvania, died December 8, 1857 in Ohio County, Indiana. Both are buried in the Old Futon Burying Ground in Ohio County, north of Rising Sun on the road to Aurora.

The cemetery has not been in use for many years; at the time we found the graves in the 1980’s, the cemetery was kept mowed, but the stones were flat on the ground and barely visible,, but we were able to uncover them and take pictures. The dates verified the identification of these graves as being William and Mary Pearlie Rodgers. They were the parents of the following children:


102. Alexander was born 13 August in PA., died *24 June 1824 in IN. He is also buried at the Fulton burying Ground. No record of his marriage.

103. Rowland was born 16 April 1802 in PA. No more information.

104. Lee was born 15 May 1804 in PA., and died *24 November 1852. in IN. He married Ann Fulton and they are both buried in the *Lee Family Cemetery in Switzerland Co., IN. Lee and Anna Fulton Rodgers had at least one daughter, Mary Jane, who died in her sixth year and is buried near her father. Her stone says: "Mary Jane, daughter of Lee and Anna Rodgers, 18 August 1831, 6 yrs." *[Tombstone for Lee and Ann, name is spelled Rogers].

105. Peter was born 20 November 1805 in PA., and is supposed to have died in PA., the 25th of October 1837. about 32 yrs old. He appears to be the only child that was not in Indiana. [note: brother William shows birthplace as IN., 1811. Did Peter go back to PA. to relatives?]

106.PARKER RODGERS was born 22 September 1807 and died 28 Aug. 1887 in Montgomery County, Missouri near Bellflower.

107. Harriett, born 14 September 1809 in PA., no other information.

108. William was born 21 December 1811 in Indiana and died there September 1835.

109. John was born 11 August 1813 in PA?? Died 13 June 1834.Buried at Fulton Burying Ground.

110: Robert was born 6 May 1815 in Indiana, died 6 October 1839 in Louisiana. he married Jane Blue, *9th of April 1835 in Dearborn County, IN.[possibly born in MO. [original record had typo with Robert as wife, born MO.]

111: Mary was born 16 April 1819 in Indiana. She married on *October 1, 1835, in Dearborn Co., IN. to Wade Hampton Jacks. [?-1887 in IN.]

104: See separate section for descendants of Lee Rodgers/Rogers and Anna Fulton. [Not included here}.

106: PARKER RODGERS [1807-1887] married Hannah Blue on the 25th of April 1830 in Dearborn County, Indiana. Hannah was born 21 November 1810 in Indiana, died 17 November 1875 in Montgomery County, Missouri. Both are buried at Brush Creek Cemetery north of Bellflower, MO. They came to Montgomery County in the 1850’s with their family.

After Hannah died, Parker married the second time to his daughter in law, Caroline Kraft Rodgers, widow of Benjamin Rodgers. [See Benjamin #200].

Land Patent Report- "Bureau of Land Management- eastern States- General Land Office". Jeffersonville Land Office: April 10, 1843- Cash Sale Entry to Parker Rodgers. There are two entries, one does not show any acreage; both in the same section . The "Cash entry Act" of April 20, 1820 set the minimum price of $1.25 per acre, with a minimum unit of land being 80 acres. Public lands were offered by district offices at a pre-announced public auction. If the lands were not sold, the land became available at the @1.25 per acres price; first come, first serve. Parker Rodgers obtained the following acres in Jefferson County, Indiana April 10, 1843: SWNW of Section 18, Range 10-E, Acres -0-; the next entry is NWSW of Section 18, Range 10-E, Acres 84.14. It is not known if they lived in Jefferson County or just owned land there.

The children of Parker Rodgers and Hannah Blue:

200. Benjamin Thomas born 27 March 1831 in IN., died September 5 1873 in Montgomery County, MO. He married Caroline Meriam Kraft, born 2 October 1837 in IN., died in MO. 18 March 1922. Both buried at Brush Creek Cemetery, Montgomery Co., MO.

201. Mary Jane Rodgers, born 13 September 1832 In IN., died 14 November 1908 in Bucklin, KS. She married February 3, 1851, probably in Indiana, to Alexander Hunter, born July 6, 1822 in IN., died in Bucklin, KS.

202. William Rodgers was born January 2 1834 and died in Pennsylvania, September of 1855.

203. Elizabeth Rodgers born December 20 1834 in IN., and died Montgomery County, MO., Febuary 2,, 1910. She married April 20, 1856 to James Milton Glenn, born March 30, 1830 in MO., died April 3, 1911 in Montgomery Co., MO. Both are buried at Brush Creek Cemetery.

204. Isabel Rodgers was born 10 April 1836 and died 10 August 1836 in IN.

205. John Peter Rodgers, [Rev.] born May 10 1837 in IN., died August 31 1922 in Mo. Married on March 7 1866 to Virginia Davidson, born 20 January, died 14 May in MO.

206. Robert Rodgers, no information given in original, second version has a Robert born May 8 1839 and died October 1 1839 in IN.

207. Eliza Ann Rodgers born November 2 1840 in IN., died Feburary 2 1890 in MO. Married George McClure, born 15 January 1837 and died 22 November 1822 in MO.

208. George W. Rodgers born March 8, 1842 in IN., died September 4 1889 in MO. Married [no date] to Hannah J Gray born 16 May 1850 and died 12 December 1912 in MO.

209. Rolen Rodgers born September 21 1843 in IN., died August 17 1869 in PA. The second version had place of death as being IN.

    1. James K. Rodgers born January 1 1845 in IN., died January 30 1936 in MO. Married on 12 Febuary 1873 to Elizabeth Hall, born 29 April 1849 and died 20 July 1934 in MO. [ She is shown as Elizabeth in one place and Mary Eliza in another].

211. Taylor Rodgers was born September 23 1848 in IN., died July 25 1869 in LA., nor other information.

212. Hugh Rodgers born Feburary 1851 in IN., died October 6 1874 in MO.


The Blaw/Blue Family