Richard Anderson Covington was born in Rockingham County, North Carolina the son of Captain Joseph Anderson Covington and Elizabeth R Hudnall Covington.

Six months after the end of the Civil War, Richard along with his brother Charles arrived in Missouri by covered wagon. In all, their father Joseph Covington had 12 children, with two wives, but records show only four of his offspring migrating to Missouri. The first three were the brothers mentioned above and their sister Mary Susan (May Sue) in December 1865. Several years later an older half sister, Catherine Covington Hudnall, who married their mother's brother Richard N. Hudnall arrived in Missouri.

Additionally, the Covington brothers brought their mother Elizabeth Hudnall Covington, who had been widowed for two years and her younger unmarried sister, Mary C. (Polly) Hudnall. Their Aunt Polly had lived with the Joseph Covington family for many years, probably to assist in raising their large number of children. Richard and Charles had made their father a deathbed promise in 1863 that they would always care for their mother, aunt and sister.

The Joseph Covington family of Rockingham County was listed by name and date of birth by a nephew, Richard N. Hudnall. Joseph’s first wife was named Elizabeth, who died on May 11, 1830. They had the nine children listed as follows.

William (October 5, 1800)

Josiah (October 1, 1805)

Nancy (June 24, 1807)

Edward (April 14, 1809)

David (February 24, 1811)

Fannie (March 21, 1813)

Catherine (January 1, 1816)

John A. (April 7, 1818)

James H (March 7, 1821).

With his second wife, Elizabeth Hudnall,

Richard A. (May 4, 1835)

Charles W.February 13, 1837)

Mary Susan (February 27, 1839)

Much more is known of the Hudnall's of Lynchburg, Bedford County, Virginia. The father was Richard Hudnall, the mother Mary (Polly) Williams Hudnall. They had at least 11 children:

Susan (January 2, 1803)

Elizabeth (May 10, 1805)

Nancy W. (February 6, 1808)

Richard N. (November 14, 1810)

Mary C. (September 25, 1813)

Elmira (April 5, 1816)

Sarah G.(May 23, 1818)

Charles W. (January 14, 1821)

Tabitha (April 21, 1824)

Rebecca (March 22, 1827

Samuel T.January 24, 1830).

Records indicate that seven, and possibly as many as nine, of the eleven came to Montgomery or Callaway Counties and are buried there. Probably Susan and Samuel T. were the only ones that did not migrate. The Hudnall lineage can be traced back to the 1600's in the U.S. on the Internet. This family's genealogy is also documented in detail by Mrs. Bessie Sailor Weeks.

Getting back to the Covington brothers, both had fought in the Civil War for the Confederate States of America. The story goes that near the end of the war they came upon a Union soldier acquaintance that had been hung by his thumbs by the Confederates. They rescued their friend. The brothers believed this to be such a savage and inhumane act that it motivated them to cross the lines and defect to the Union Army for the remainder of the war. According to the records contained in "NC TROOPS", Volume X, pages 12 and 13, Richard Covington enlisted as a private in Company D of the 5th Cavalry Regiment "Rockingham Rangers" of the 63rd Regiment, NC Troops, on February 9, 1864. On December 24th Richard transferred to Company A, The Rockingham Zollicoffers, joining his brother Charles who had enlisted in Company A, 45th Regiment, NC Troops, on the 24th of October 1864. "NC TROOPS" reported that on or about February 15th, 1865 they deserted to the enemy and were confined on the 21st of February 1865 in Washington, DC, until released on a unspecified date after taking the oath of allegiance. At the end of the war it was decided that it would be best if they migrated west taking along several other family members.

The Covington brother’s mother's sister, Nancy Williams Hudnall, had earlier married Thomas Weeks and they had migrated to Missouri in 1850. After arriving in Montgomery County, the Covington party stayed at the Weeks home, located about 1½ miles west of Mineola, until they could settle elsewhere. Most aspects of the entire covered wagon trip are recorded by Mary Susan Covington in a diary.

As a point of interest, the Covington brother's sister Mary Susan was brought to Missouri because she was being courted by a tobacco "drummer" named John Jesse Hopper in North Carolina and the family did not want them to marry. They believed that bringing her to Missouri would probably put an end to their courtship. After arriving in Missouri in December of 1865 the Covington brothers were somewhat dismayed to see Mr. Hopper arrive on horseback the following spring. Mary Susan and John Hopper were married on May 23, 1866. The Covingtons agreed to the marriage if the couple promised to remain in Missouri. The couple obviously agreed, were married and lived on a farm directly across the old national road (highway 40) from Richard Covington's farm. They had only one son, Samuel Allen Hopper. Samuel, however, bore them 10 grandchildren.

Richard Covington's wife to be, Nancy Margaret Hunley, arrived in Missouri in the Fall of 1872 by a covered wagon, driven by her older brother Daniel W. and his wife Tabitha Hudnall Hunley (Richard's maternal aunt). Nancy and Daniel's father had died in the Civil War and the 22 year old young lady was left in the care of her brother. The Hunley's also had brought with them Tabitha's mother Mary (Polly) Williams Hudnall who had been an invalid for more than nine years. They made a pallet for her in the wagon but she died within a month after arriving in Missouri. Tabitha also brought their 11 year old adopted son, Rufus Ward Hunley. The Covington's family story was that Tabitha and her sister Rebecca had found the abandoned baby in a brush pile near the home. Since Tabitha was married, she took the baby, naming him Rufus Ward Hunley. As noted several times below Rufus became entwined in the lives of many of the people of Montgomery and Callaway counties. There are records of other Hunleys coming to Missouri at various times. They are Martha (married an Auchly), Fannie (married R. W. Andrews), Daniel M. (never married- lived with his Aunt Rebecca Conley) and Sally (who married Lafayette Thompson).

An interesting twist to this story is that Rufus Hunley, the abandoned baby, was rumored to be the son of the Covington brother's unmarried niece Emoline Virginia Covington (daughter of John Anderson Covington) back in North Carolina. The tale that the baby had been found in a brush pile was simply a cover to spare the family much embarrassment. Rufus Ward Hunley, was born on June 17, 1861 and died at the age of 93. He was raised by his adopted parents to be a school teacher and Baptist Preacher. He taught country schools in the area for many years. Some of his schools were Conley, Peytonia, Bridge (near Americus) and Freedom. Rufus returned periodically to North Carolina to visit his birth mother. On one occasion Emoline, who had married a Mr. Heath, came to Missouri to visit. After his adopted mother Tabitha's death in 1909 Rufus returned to Leaksville, North Carolina and taught school there for several years. While there he married Miss Lizzie Carter on September 16th, 1914. Soon afterward they returned to make Missouri their permanent home. Rufus and Lizzie had no children. Late in life Rufus reverted strictly to preaching. He married all of Richard and Nancy's children. He was loved by all his relatives and those who knew him. Rufus and Lizzie are buried at Nettle Cemetery. Pat Timmerberg who married Martha Margaret, the daughter of Joseph Burton Tate, said that Rufus Hunley was his only schoolteacher.

It is well documented that the Covington family migrated from the Leaksville area in Rockingham County, North Carolina. In the obituary of Mary Sue, scribed by the Reverend Rufus Hunley, he writes that Mary Sue Covington Hopper had "professed faith at the age of 16 years, uniting with the Baptist Church of Leaksville, N. C. Leaksville is in Rockingham County only 2.8 miles south of the Virginia border.

A great great great granddaughter of Joseph Covington has recently located their family home in Leaksville. Adjacent is the family graveyard with the headstones of Joseph A., his first wife Elizabeth and Richard Hudnall, his father in law still intact, Interestingly, the area of Leaksville has streets with the name Anderson (the middle names of Richard Covington and his father), Boone, and Henry. In 1968 the city of Eden, N.C. was formed from the towns, Leaksville, Spray and Draper. Rockingham County joins the Virginia Counties Patrick and Henry on the North. It was a Covington family rumor that Rufus Hunley was related to Patrick Henry through his birth father, purported to be a Mr. Ward.

Charles W. Covington married Jennetta Tate on the 2nd of April, 1874. They lived on the "Old Holt Place" on the far western boundary of Montgomery County adjoining the farms of brother Richard Covington and brother-in-law John Hopper, over the border in Callaway County. They had four children, Margaret (Maggie), Joseph, Frances (Frances) and Celia Mae. Jennetta was the daughter of James Northerland Tate a brother of Caleb Warren Tate, grandfather of Joseph Burton Tate. Her brother Henry Franklin Tate and his wife Drushane Hall Tate were the parents of Henry Monroe (Mon) Tate, husband of Susan Rose Covington, youngest daughter of Richard Covington.

Nancy Margaret Hunley at the age of 24 married Richard Covington on the 12th of November, 1874. After marriage they lived on a farm on the south side of the national road in Callaway County, adjoining the Montgomery County border and the farms of his sister and brother.

Richard (Dick) Covington and Nancy had 5 children, Lucy Dillard (born August 27th, 1875), Sally Bette (born May 3rd, 1878), Judith Walker (born November 3rd, 1880), Charles Ruffin (born August 6th, 1882) and Susan Rose (born June 9th, 1886). They farmed the location described above until 1896 when Richard Covington became suddenly sick and died. Nancy stayed on the farm until her son Charles Ruffin married in 1906. Soon thereafter she moved to Portland, MO and lived with her daughter Sally Bette. Nancy died while visiting a sister, Mrs. Sally Thompson living near Williamsburg. Richard and Nancy Covington are buried in Montgomery County in the Holt-Covington Cemetery located on the old Charles Covington farm. Also buried in this cemetery are Charles Covington and his wife, Richard's and Charles' Mother Elizabeth, and their Aunt Mary C. (Polly) Hudnall. There are also numerous other Covingtons, Hunleys, Hoppers and Weeks over several generations resting there. Many of the other Hudnalls and Hunleys are buried about two miles due north in the Nettle Cemetery.

Land records of 1878 show that Daniel W. Hunley and his wife Tabitha Hudnall Hunley were living on 110 acres one and one half miles due north of Charles Covington’s farm. His brother-in-law J.B. Conley and wife Rebecca Hudnall Conley lived on 160 acres less than a mile northeast of Charles Covington. Daniel and Tibatha’s farm was passed on to their adopted son Rufus, where he continued to live.

Richard and Nancy's oldest child, Lucy Dillard, married Ira Pasley on December 22nd, 1903. Mr. Pasley (born on March 16th, 1875) was a farmer from Callaway county. Over the years they owned several farms in Callaway County, the last being a dairy farm southeast of Fulton, Missouri.

Lucy and Ira had one son, Robert Lee Pasley, born on July 24th, 1910 near Bachelor MO. Robert Lee, still lives on the family farm with his wife Dorothy Elizabeth (born August 9th, 1914) who was the daughter of John and Carolyn Rentschler, also of Callaway County. They have no children. Robert operated the farm as a dairy until 1969. Since then he has operated it as a livestock and grain farm.

Sally Bette Covington never married. She worked in the Bank of Portland, Portland, Missouri (Callaway County) until retiring at the age of 41. After retiring at that relatively young age she moved to Montgomery City, Missouri. Late in life she was a resident of the Baker Nursing Home in Mexico, Missouri. She died of Tuberculosis in 1955 and is buried in the Montgomery City Cemetery.

Judith Walker Covington, as a girl went to the Weeks Country School southwest of her home. The Weeks School was about 2 miles east of Williamsburg and one half mile south of highway 40 (about 1 ¼ miles due east of her home). For a short time her teacher there was Joseph Burton Tate. On August 23rd, 1899 they were married at the Covington family home, with the Reverend Rufus Hunley officiating.

Judith and Joseph Burton Tate had 5 children: Homer Richard, Martha Margaret, Lucille Covington, Ruby Marie and Betty Jo. Judith was a homemaker, mother and loving companion of her husband. During their married life Joseph Burton was a rural mail carrier, teacher, banker and tourist camp/service station operator.

After the death of her husband from Leukemia on September 23rd, 1948 Judith lived with her children and helped raise many of her 14 grandchildren. She died on December 12th, 1964 of heart failure while living with her daughter Ruby. A detailed account of Judith and Joseph Tate's family is contained in the" CHILDREN OF JOSEPH BURTON TATE and JUDITH WALKER COVINGTON TATE" available from this author. Jerry Dryden

Richard Ruffin Covington first married Ella Joyce. They had two sons, Harold Joyce and Charles Richard (Dick) and one daughter, Yvonne. After the death of his first wife Richard Ruffin married Gertrude Mudd Jones. Ruffin, as he was known by his friends, lived for many years in New Florence, Missouri and died on the 23rd of December, 1977 as a result of heart failure. He is buried in Montgomery City Cemetery.

The eldest son, Harold Joyce, married Loraine De Roy (could be Ray) and Marie Vick. He had one son Harold Joyce Jr. (Little Red), who was born on November 15th, 1942.

The second son, Charles Richard (Dick) Covington was born August 27th, 1911. He married Dorothy Dixon, the daughter of Ross and Mary Dixon. They have two sons, Richard Phillip and Michael Ray born on September 17th 1943 and October 15th, 1951 respectively.

The daughter, Yvonne (no middle name) was born January 1st, 1922. She was married in 1943 to Guy Hoffman. To this union were born two children, Paul Daniel (April 11th, 1952) and Nena Kathleen (February 23rd, 1954) Hoffman. Yvonne died March 4th, 1996, and is buried in Montgomery City Cemetery, Montgomery City MO.

Susan (Sue) Rose Covington married Henry Monroe (Mon) Tate, a distant cousin of Joseph Burton Tate. Monroe was the son of Henry Franklin Tate (born July 4th, 1841 and died August 12th, 1913) a son of Jesse Northerland Tate. As noted above, Jesse was a brother of Caleb Warren Tate, Joseph Burton Tate's grandfather. Sue and Monroe had one daughter, Jewell, born on July 23rd, 1913. Jewell married Doyle Reese Windsor. Sue and Monroe as well as their daughter and son-in-law Doyle, owned and operated nearby farms in eastern Callaway County, Missouri. Sue died October 20th, 1973, and with Monroe (died May 1st, 1955) is buried in the Montgomery City Cemetery. Jewell died after a long illness in 1996 and is buried south of Williamsburg in the Oak Grove Cemetery. Jewell and Doyle have three daughters Juanita (Tate), Mary Belle (Starkey) and Dianne (Wade) who have given them seven grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.

In the Records of the Church of the Latter Day Saints found on the Internet ( a great deal is known about the Covington's and Hudnall's. The family pedigree's are shown below but there is even greater detail give on the Internet, especially about the Hudnall's, than is presented here. As mentioned above Bessie Sailor Weeks has written extensively about the Hudnalls and the Weeks.

John COVINGTON (C100) (Father C200) BORN: unknown DIED: Nov 17, 1818 MARRIED: Mary___ BURIED: Probably North Carolina or Virginia

Joseph Anderson COVINGTON (C200) (Son of C100) BORN: 1785 DIED: May 26,1863 MARRIED: Elizabeth (Maiden name unknown) MARRIED: Elizabeth R. HUDNALL, December 5, 1833 BURIED: In a family cemetery next to his home in Leaksville (Eden), NC.

Elizabeth COVINGTON (1st wife of C200) BORN: unknownDIED: May 11, 1830MARRIED: Joseph Anderson COVINGTON, date unknown BURIED: In a family cemetery next to their home in Leaksville (Eden), NC

Elizabeth Hudnall COVINGTON (2nd wife of C200) (Daughter of H100) BORN: May 10, 1805 DIED: January 30, 1881 MARRIED: Joseph Anderson COVINGTON, December 5, 1833 BURIED: Holt-Covington Cemetery

Richard HUDNALL (H100) BORN: March 22, 1775, Lynchburg, Bedford Co VA DIED: Dec 15, 1863, Rockingham, N.C. MARRIED: Mary (Polly) WILLIAMS, March 23, 1802 BURIED: In the same family cemetery as Joseph A. Covington in Leaksville (Eden), NC

Mary (Polly) Williams HUDNALL (Wife of H100) BORN: March 17, 1784, Bedford Co, VA DIED: Nov. 4, 1872 MARRIED: Richard HUDNALL, March 23, 1802 by Rev. Alderson WEEKS BURIED: Nettle Cemetery, Montgomery Co. MO

Richard Anderson COVINGTON (C300) Son of (C200) BORN: May 4, 1835 DIED: July 1, 1896 MARRIED: Nancy Margaret HUNLEY, November 12, 1874 BURIED: Holt-Covington Cemetery

Nancy Margaret HUNLEY (wife of C300) BORN: May 14,1850 DIED: September 20,1923 MARRIED: Richard A. COVINGTON, November 12, 1974 BURIED: Holt-Covington Cemetery

Charles William COVINGTON (C301) Son of (C200)BORN: February 13, 1837 DIED: February 25, 1912 MARRIED: Jennetta W. TATE, April 2, 1874. She was born 10/15/1848, died 3/18/1919 (Daughter of Jesse N. TATE) BURIED: Holt-Covington Cemetery

Mary Susan COVINGTON (C302) Daughter of (C200) BORN: February 27, 1839 DIED: September 16, 1924 MARRIED: John Jesse HOPPER, May 23, 1866 BURIED: Holt-Covington Cemetery

Emoline Virginia COVINGTON - Daughter of John Anderson Covington (8th child of Joseph A. Covington by 1st wife) BORN: December 3, 1842-DIED: December 1, 1928-MARRIED: Mr. Heath, date unknown-BURIED: Probably North Carolinae

Nancy Williams Hudnall WEEKS (Daughter of H100)-BORN: February 6, 1808, Lynchburg, Bedford Co. VA-DIED: November 20, 1883-MARRIED: Thomas Ellison WEEKS, December 22, 1829 (They came to Missouri in 1849)-BURIED: Holt-Covington Cemetery

Tabitha F. HUDNALL (Daughter of H100)-BORN: April 21, 1824, Lynchburg, Bedford Co. VA-DIED: June 30, 1909-MARRIED: Daniel W. Hunley , June 10, 1856 (He was born around 1819 and died August 4, 1887)-BURIED: Nettle Cemetery, Montgomery Co. MO

Rebecca HUDNALL (Daughter of H100)-BORN: March 22, 1827, Lynchburg, VA-DIED: July 14, 1905-MARRIED: Andrew Jackson WIGGINGTON (in N.C.)-MARRIED: John Beaty CONLEY, July 4, 1880-BURIED: Nettle Cemetery, Montgomery Co. MO

Mary C. (Polly) HUDNALL (Daughter of H100)-BORN: September 25, 1813, Lynchburg, Bedford Co. VA-DIED: March 7, 1900-MARRIED: unmarried-BURIED: Holt-Covington Cemetery


Rufus Ward HUNLEY (Son of C303& Mr. Ward) (Adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Hunley)-BORN: June 17, 1861 (Rockingham Co. N.C.-DIED: September 29, 1954-MARRIED: Lizzie CARTER, September 16,1914 (She was born May 2, 1874 - Died February 21, 1957-BURIED: Nettle Cemetery, Montgomery Co. MO

Lucy Dillard COVINGTON (C401) (Daughter of C300)-BORN: August, 27, 1875-DIED: January 25, 1952-MARRIED: Ira Lee PASLEY (December 22, 1903)-BURIED: Memorial Gardens, Fulton, MO

Sally Bette COVINGTON (C402) (Daughter of C300)-BORN: May 3, 1878-DIED: July 1, 1955-MARRIED: unmarried-BURIED: Montgomery City Cemetery

Judith Walker COVINGTON (C403) (Daughter of (C300)-BORN: November 3, 1880-DIED: December 12, 1964-MARRIED: Joseph Burton TATE, August 23, 1899 (He was born August 31,1973-Died September 23, 1948)-BURIED: Montgomery City Cemetery

Charles Ruffin COVINGTON (C404) (Son of C300)-BORN: August 6, 1882-DIED: December 23, 1977 (at Home for Aged Baptist, Ironton, MO-MARRIED: Ella Gertrude JOYCE , Sep 9 1906, she died Jan 23,1925 (Buried Holt-Covington Cemetery) MARRIED: Gertrude Mudd JONES, 1929 (She died in 1974) BURIED: Montgomery City Cemetery

Susan Rose COVINGTON (C405) (Daughter of C300)-BORN: June 9, 1886-DIED: October 20, 1973-MARRIED: Henry Monroe (Mon) TATE, November 29, 1908 (He was born in 1876 -Died May 1, 1955) BURIED: Montgomery City Cemetery

Robert Lee PASLEY (Son of C401) BORN: July 24, 1910-DIED: N/A-MARRIED: Dorothy Elizabeth RENTSCHLER, December 29, 1945 BURIED: N/A

Homer Richard TATE (Son of C403) BORN: June 2, 1900-DIED: AugustSeptember 12, 1955-MARRIED: Lydia TIMMERBERG, December 11, 1931-BURIED: Montgomery City, MO Cemetery

Martha Margaret TATE (Daughter of C403)-BORN: September 24, 1903-DIED: April 24, 1988-MARRIED: August 2, 1923, Paul Edward (Pat) TIMMERBERG (He was born March 4,1894 - Died April 16, 1963) BURIED: Montgomery City, MO Cemetery

Lucille Covington TATE (Daughter of C403)-BORN: September 6, 1905-DIED: February 21, 1929-MARRIED: June 25, 1926, Arthur APPLING (He was born March 31, 1904 - Died-June 5, 1972)-BURIED: Montgomery City, MO Cemetery

Ruby Marie TATE (Daughter of C403)-BORN: April 3, 1913-DIED: N/A-MARRIED: June 25, 1933, Gilbert DRYDEN (He was born August 25, 1907 - Died February 5, 1966)-MARRIED: January 2, 1982, William SEE (He was born January 20, 1915 - Died March 12, 1986)BURIED: N/A

Betty Jo TATE (Daughter of C403) BORN: October 27, 1923 DIED: N/A-MARRIED: August 2, 1947, Kermit H. ROSENBERG-BURIED: N/A-

Harold Joyce COVINGTON (C501) Son of (C404)-BORN: 1908-DIED: unknown-MARRIED: Lorraine De ROY (maybe De Ray)-MARRIED: Marie Bishop VICK (Died January 14, 1975)-BURIED: unknown

Charles Richard (Dick) COVINGTON (C502) Son of (C404)-BORN: August 27, 1911-DIED: N/A-MARRIED: Dorothy DIXON, 1933 (She was born May 14, 1914)-BURIED: N/A

Yvonne COVINGTON (C503) (Daughter of C404)-BORN: January 1, 1922-DIED: March 4, 1996-MARRIED: 1942 to Guy HOFFMAN (He was born October 11,1914)-BURIED: Montgomery City Cemetery

Jewell Covington TATE (C505) (Daughter of C405)-BORN: July 23, 1913-DIED: January 26, 1996-MARRIED: Doyle Reese WINDSOR, August 19, 1937. (Mineola Baptist Church) (He was born May 7, 1913) BURIED: Oak Grove Cemetery, south of Williamsburg, MO

Juanita Sue Windsor (Daughter of C505)-BORN: June 22, 1938-DIED: N/A-MARRIED: Thompson TATE, August 21, 1960-BURIED: N/A

Mary Belle Windsor (Daughter of C505)-BORN: June 24, 1940-DIED: N/A- MARRIED: Donald STARKEY, January 28, 1962. He was born December 17, 1939 and died July 21, 1985, Buried at Mt. Horeb, Cemetery

Dianne Windsor (Daughter of C505) BORN: June 5, 1945-DIED: N/A-MARRIED: Terry HARRIS, July 1, 1961-MARRIED: Larry WADE, February 9, 1980

Paul Daniel HOFFMAN (Son of 503)-BORN: April 11, 1952-DIED: N/A-MARRIED: Vicky Sue HOLLOWAY, born October 15, 1959

BORN: Nena Kathleen HOFFMAN (Daughter of 503)-BORN: February 23, 1954-DIED:N/A-MARRIED:


CREDITS: This history of the Covington, Hudnall and Hunley families could not have been written without the help of several key people. Two major contributors were the late Jerry Hopper, son of Sam Hopper mentioned above, and Mrs. Bessie Sailor Weeks who has gathered and written countless articles concerning the Boones, Weeks, Hudnalls and Hunleys, which she has generously shared. The pertinent extract from "NC Troops" containing Richard’s and Charlie’s military records was furnished by Sandra Covington Turney, Pilot Mountain N.C. who found me on the internet and provided this previously undiscovered information. After many years of searching she recently found the North Carolina home of Joseph A. Covington and the nearby grave sites. Valuable contributions were also made by Doyle Windsor and daughter Mary Belle Starkey, Robert Lee Pasley, Richard Covington and Ruby Tate Dryden See. The latter three being Richard and Nancy Covington’s grandchildren. Lastly, I want to give much credit to my cousin Robert Richard Tate who was a steady motivating force for me to write this. Over a two year period he gently prodded me for information and photographic material to be placed on his Internet Web site along with much other family genealogical material. Robert lost a long fight with cancer and passed away on the 21st of October, 2000. Of those surviving, I want to thank each of you for your invaluable assistance.

Jerry Tate Dryden