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Montgomery County families (surnames beginning with E and F) from
A History of the Pioneer Families of Missouri
with numerous sketches, anecdotes, adventures, etc.,
relating to Early Days in Missouri. Also the lives of
Daniel Boone and the celebrated Indian chief Black Hawk,
with numerous Biographies and Histories of Primitive institutions

By William S. Bryan and Robert Rose
Bryan, Brand & Co., St. Louis, Mo., 1876

Transcribed by Joanne Scobee Morgan

ENGLAND, Joseph England married MARY REED, of Va. and settled in Montgomery co., Mo., in 1833. Their children were David, William, Joseph, Jr., James, John, Riley, Elizabeth and Nancy. James married ELIZABETH RUSSEL, who died in 1874. John died in California, unmarried. The rest of the children married and settled in different states.

ESTELL, Benjamin Estell of Ky., married ANNA CLAUGHNAUGH, and settled in Boone co., Mo. They had 10 children and one of their sons, named James, married MATILDA VANBIBBER, daughter of Major Isaac VanBibber, and settled in Montgomery co. Their children were Horatio, Elizabeth A., William K, Isaac V., Pantha, Colelia C., Robert G., Jonathan, Arrata, James W., Benjamin and Sarah N. Philemon Estell, a brother of James, settled in Montgomery co., and was married three times.

ELLIS, Benjamin Ellis settled on South Bear Creek in 1815. He was a wheelwright and chair maker, and also had a hand mill. He had 10 children. James Ellis settled on Bear Creek in 1819. He married ELIZABETH BOWEN, and they had 6 children... Edmund, Benjamin, Leeper, William, Fanny & Martha. Benjamin married CATHARINE McGARVIN, and now lives in Callaway co.

FULKERSON, (This name in the native tongue, was VOLKERSON, but after the removal of the family to America, they began to spell it as it is pronounced.) James Fulkerson, of Germany, came to America at an early date and settled in North Carolina. There he became acquainted with and married MARY VANHOOK, and subsequently removed to Washington co., Va. The names of their children were Peter, James, John, Thomas, Abraham, Jacob, Isaac, William, Polly, Catharine, Hannah and Mary. Peter married MARGARET CRAIG, and they had Polly, Robert C., James, Benjamin F., Jacob, Peter, Jr., John W., Margaret, Rachel, David C., and Frederick. Of these children, Robert C., Benjamin F., and Frederick settled in Mo. The former (Robert C.) was born in Lee co., Va., Aug. 27, 1794. He served as a soldier in the war of 1812, and afterward elected Colonel of militia, and took part in the Black Hawk war in 1834. He first came to Mo. in 1816, with MAJOR BENJAMIN SHARP, but remained only a short time, when he returned to Va. where he resided until 1828. During that period he served his county for 7 years in the capacity of sheriff, an office which at that time was beset with many dangers and hardships, requiring a man of nerve and determination to discharge its duties. So faithful was he in the performance of his labors, that he received the special commendation of the judge who presided, by an order entered upon the records of the county. He was married in 1827 to LAVINIA DICKERSON, and the following year he came with his family to Mo. He settled first in Randolph co., where he remained only a short time, and then removed to Grand Prairie in Callaway co. In 1836, he removed to Montgomery co., and lived for a short time on the old Isaac VanBibber farm. In 1840 he purchased and removed to a farm near Danville, where he resided until his death, with the exception of a portion of the years 1851-52, when he crossed the plains to Oregon. He served as Treasurer of Montgomery co. for 10 years, and the people never had a more faithful and vigilant officer. His first wife died in 1852, and the following year he married the WIDOW DAVIDSON, who survives him. He had 7 children, whose names were Peter, John, Robert, Margaret, Rebecca, Amanda and Anna. Only three of the children are living, two sons, one in Oregon and one in Mo., and a daughter, Mrs.. SAMUEL A. WHEELER, who lives on the old homestead near Danville. Colonel Fulkerson died at the latter place on the 17th of March, 1876, and was buried in the family graveyard, close by the side of a number of the intimate associates of his earlier life. The funeral ceremonies were conducted by the Masonic fraternity, of which he had long been an honored member. He had also been a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, for a number of years, and died in the full faith of the Christian religion.

FREELAND, Nelson Freeland, of Va., married MYRA WOODRUFF, settled in Montgomery co., in 1828, and died the same year. Their children were Sultana, John W., William M., Mace D., Ann, Amanda, and Hiram. William F., a brother of Nelson Freeland, married SUSAN WOODRUFF, and settled in Montgomery county in 1828. They had Robert, Charles, Amanda, and Eveline.

FARROW. - The parents of George Farrow came from Scotland, and settled in Fauquier co., Va., where George was born. He was a soldier of the war of 1812. He married a MISS MASSEY, and they had George, Jr., Nimrod, John and Benjamin, and also two daughters. Benjamin married LUCY SMITH of Va., and they had John P., George, Mortimer, Joseph, Margaret, Sarah, Liney M., Mary L., and Amanda M. John P., Sarah and Margaret came to Mo. Sarah married WILLIAM BROWNING, and settled in St. Charles co., but afterward removed to Lincoln co. Margaret married JAMES B. BARTON, and settled in St. Charles co. John P. was married in Va. to SUSAN M. SMITH, and settled in St. Charles co. in 1836. He subsequently removed to Troy, where he was employed in a store, and in 1844 he settled in Montgomery co., where he was elected judge of the county court and held the office for 20 years. He afterward removed to Crawford co., Mo.

FIPPS, William Fipps, Jr., son of WILLIAM FIPPS AND REBECCA KENDRICK, of Washington co., Va., married the widow of JOHN KING, whose maiden name was BARBARA A. STROUP. They removed to Montgomery co., Mo., in 1836, here Mr. Fipps died in 1857, at the advanced age of 111 years. He had voted for every President from Washington down to Lincoln. He had 12 children, John, Mary A., Sarah, Elizabeth, Rachel, William, Jr., George, Joseph, David, Robert, Susannah, and Margaret... all of whom lived to be grown except Robert, who died when he was 15 years of age. John David, Sarah, Susannah, Joseph and Mary, all live in Montgomery vo. Mrs. Fipps died last spring, at the residence of her son, Joseph, three miles west of Montgomery City, aged 106 years. She lived to see the fourth generation of her descendants, and at her death she left surviving her, six children and 140 grandchildren of the second, third and fourth generations. Her youngest child was born when she was in her 54th year. She had been a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church for 53 years, and was a consistent Christian woman, dying in the full faith of that religious belief.

FITZHUGH, Richard Fitzhugh was born in North Carolina, but while he was a boy, his parents removed to Davidson co., Tn., where he was raised. He married MARY WATSON, who was also born in N.C. and raised in Tn. They came to Montgomery co., Mo., in 1818, and settled on the east side of Loutre creek. Mr. Fitzhugh was a hard-working man, and he and his son, Hopkins, sawed a great deal of lumber with a whipsaw, and sold it in Danville. He once met with a misfortune by which he had several of his ribs broken, and after that he would eat nothing but milk and mush, which he imagined kept the broken ribs in their places. His children were Hopkins, Mary A., Matilda, Louisa J., John S., Thomas B., and Catharine.

FORD, Calvin Ford came from Ireland, and settled in Charlotte co., Va., where his son, Hezekiah, was born. The latter married ANN GARRETT, by whom he had 13 children, eleven of whom he raised. Their names were Calvin, James, Claiborne, Laban, Marley, Thomas, William. Elizabeth, Morning, Susan and Martha. William, James, Elizabeth and Martha came to Montgomery co. with their mother, who was a widow in 1835. William was married first to MARTHA A. EPERSON, of Virginia, and after her death he married MARGARET H. NETTLE. James was married first to MARY ROBINSON, and after her death, he married the WIDOW NATTON. Elizabeth married JOHN BUSTER, of Va., who settled in Montgomery co. in 1835. Martha married SIMEON HOVEY, of Va., and after his death, she was married the 2nd time to ANDREW BRITT, of Va.

FARTHING, William Farthing, of Albemarle co., Va., married POLLY VAUGHN, and settled in Ky. They had Sarah, Elizabeth, William, John, Thomas, and Shelton B. Sarah married JAMES HUNT, who settled in Montgomery co. in 1836. Elizabeth married WILLIAM P. HILL, of Ky., who also settled in Montgomery co. in 1836. William married NANCY WOOD, and settled in Iowa. John married LUCENA J. MORAN, and settled in Missouri City, Missouri. Shelton B. married LUCY A. GLENN and settled in Montgomery co. in 1836.

FISHER, Solomon Fisher, of Va., married MARY A. PETTY, by whom he had Adam, George, William, John, Solomon, Jr., Eunice, Maxmillian, Parthena, Selemer and Emmarilla. All of the family came on a keel-boat to Louisiana, Mo. Adam married DULCINA POWERS, of Va., and settled in Pike co. in 1824. They had Mary A., Sally, William P., and Joseph. William P. married and lives in Montgomery co. George Fisher died in California, and Solomon died in the United States army. Mr. Adam Fisher laid off the town of Frankford, in Pike co.

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