Windsor? Cemetery

Section 18, Township 47N, Range 6W.

This cemetery is on the old Hub Tate place, now owned by Gary Windsor. The cemetery is in the yard near where the old house stood.



Windsor, Mary A. Fitzhugh- a widow from Tennessee- wife of John R. Windsor - died Jan 1 1876- aged 58 yrs 5ms 20 ds. [ see Clark Cemetery for a Richard Fitzhugh], died 1854]

Windsor, John R- died Nov 27 1863- aged 54 yrs 5ms 20 ds

Windsor, Martha L.- dierd Oct 10 1862, aged 4 ys 2ms 8ds- daughter of J. R. and M. A. Windsor

Windor, John T.- died July 8 1845, aged 1 yr 2ds- son of J. R. and M. A. Windsor

Windsor infant- died Feb 1849- child of J. R. and M. A.