Montgomery County, Missouri

Submitted by Debra Cole

Located near Americus, Missouri on the former W A Craig farm. In 1854 the owner of the farm was W B Lauer.

COLE: Mark, d. Feb 1, 1854, aged 59 yr.

James A., son of M and D., Sept. 15, 1834-Dec. 12, 1860

NAUGHTON: Mary A., d. July 1, 1863, aged 13 yr., 9 mo.

PERKINS: Sarah A., w of J B., June 22, 1836-March 27, 1856

When this cemetery was finally relocated cattle were grazing over the graves and the headstones were stacked up against the fence to keep the cattle from destroying them. The headstone of Mark Cole was moved and placed beside Dorcas Hall Cole at Mt Horeb and it was stolen from there at a later date.


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