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Harris Cemetery

Located southeast quarter Section 17, Township 49, Range 6, on farm owned by Walter Higginsbotham, Sr. About 33 graves, many spaces, several sunken spots. Nearly all of stones are on ground. On the west side, cemetery is bounded by a low wall of slabstones; in one or two places on the east side, a similar row of stones is evident. Footstones are at the east end of graves. Copied December 4, 1969, by Mrs. Woodrow Johnson, Mrs. Walter Higginbotham, Sr., and Mrs. Frederick Bohl, Sr.

Lucinda Blankenship has contributed photographs of the old house on the property and several stones indicated below, along with some unidentifiable stones. [J. H. footstone] [unknown stone] [unknown stone] [unknown stone]

Brown, Mary Ann, wife of B.D. Brown, died Jan 28, 1868, aged 41y 7m 29d [Note: In small letters at base of stone: Rosebrough Sons, St. Louis.] [headstone]
Harris, Catherine B., born March 11, 18_0, died May 6, 1869
Oliver, George M., died Ma[y/r?] 12, 1861, 33y 6m 2d
Harris, Joel, died ____ 27, 18__ [Note: Remainder indecipherable.] [headstone]
Brown, Mary H., daughter of B. D. and M. A. Brown, died July 31, 1864, aged 1y 3m 8d [headstone]
Maupin, A. T., died April 27, 1880, aged 68y 9m 27d
Maupin, Mary B., died Dec. 7, 1872 [Note: Nee Harris.]
Harris, Mary V., daughter of J. T. and M. M. [Note: Mary Marie Wilburn] Harris, died April 26, 1864, aged 16y __m __d [headstone]
Maupin, Nimrod, born in Albemarle Co., Va., Jan 8, 1811, died April 14, 1872, aged 61y 8m 11d
Maupin, Susan E., wife of Nimrod Maupin, born June 13, 1815, died Aug. 8, 186[9?]
Brown, Linn Roy, son of B. __ & __ __ Brown, died Feb. 5, 186[5?]
Harris, C.W., born Feb. 15, 1822, died April 23, 1858
Harris, Mary H., daughter of C. W. and [A? M?] Harris, born Sept. 15, 1851
Brown, Sallie F., daughter of B. D. and M. A. Brown, born May 16, 1856, died Nov. 16, 1857
Harris, Anne, died Aug. 27, 1862, aged 86y 3m 11d
Harris, Jarrot, born May 7, 17[8?]1, died Dec. 11, 18[57?]
Harris, Jane, consort of Jarrot Harris, born Sept. 28, 1786, died Sept. 2, 1859 [Note: Nee Ramsey.] [headstone]
Harris, Thomas, born July 6, 1790, died Dec. 25, 18[55?] [top section of broken stone ] [bottom section of broken stone]
Harris, William, born in Albemarle Co., Va., Jan. 25, 1796, died in Montgomery Co., Mo., Jan. 25, 1870 [headstone] [closer view]
Brown, Lucy F., ["wife o"f or daughter of?] of _. D. Brown, died Dec. 24, 1863, aged 18y 18d
Maupin, Martha [A?], wife of D. A. Maupin, died March 29, 1859, aged 24y 4m 14d
Oliver, Howel D., son of C. [or G.] W. and S. L. Oliver, died July 21, 1863, aged 2y 2d [footstone]

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