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Fulkerson-Lovelace Cemetery
24 48N R6W
Located at Danville, MO


Name: Rev.Wm. W. Redman
Death Date: 31 Oct 1849
Age: 49 yr., 10 mo., 17 da
Name: Eliza Ann Lovelace
Death Date: 06 Oct 1862
Age: 32 yr.
w. of W. L.
Name: Eliza W. Lovelace
Birth Date: 07 Jun 1866
Death Date: 13 Sep 1866
dau. of W. L. and N. J.
Name: Robert Lovelace
Birth Date: 25 Feb 1860
Death Date: 25 Jan 1861
son of W. L. and E. A.
Name: Elizabeth L. Lovelace
Death Date: 19 May 1863
Age: 67 yr.
Name: Louella Lovelace
Birth Date: 15 May 1856
Death Date: 15 Oct 1857
dau. of W. L. and E. A.
Name: Wm. G. Lovelace
Death Date: 03 Jul 1863
Age: 40 yr.
Name: Clara Lovelace
Birth Date: 24 Nov 1861
Death Date: 05 Sep 1862
dau. of W. L. and E. A.
Name: Nancy J. Lovelace Clark
Birth Date: 29 Oct 1833
Death Date: 08 Nov 1905
Name: Robert Craig Fulkerson
Birth Date: 27 Aug 1794
Death Date: 17 Mar 1876
Name: Lavina R. Fulkerson
Death Date: 10 Sep 1853
Age: 53 yr., 19 da.
w. of R. C.
Name: Sampson G. Long
Death Date: 25 Nov 1864
Age: 76 yr.
Name: James E. Hale
Death Date: 24 Oct 1866
Age: 5 yr., 6 mo., 15 da.
son of J. R. and E.
Name: Walter B. Lovelace
Birth Date: 01 Oct 1831
Death Date: 05 Aug 1866
b. in Charlotte Co., Va. He was twice chosen to the State Legislature and was elected Speaker of the House of Representatives of the 23rd Gen. Assembly, and at the time of his death was a Judge of the Supreme Court of Missouri