Montgomery County Journal


Crump Cemetery

Sec. 5 Twp. 47. R west

On land owned by Van Dyke Farms


Our  Mother Lydia Ann Viers Her natural life began--Dec. 21, 1821 She obtained her judgement-Feb.13,1901

  H.W.Viers-died-Mar.18,1889-aged- 60y. im. 7d.  

John Crump- son H.W. Viers Born April 10,1852- died Jan. 12,1853

  Rosetta W. daug. of H.W.. and L.A. Viers . Born Nov. 14,1856 died Aug. 21,1874- age 18y. 8m.  

Susan Hester- Daug. of H.W. and L.A. Viers Born Nov.5,1849- died- Mar.15,1850

There are other graves marked with native stones

The cemetery is on the Crump place on the 1897 plat.