Montgomery County Journal

Chapman Cemetery

Located in Section 11, Township 49 North, Range 7 West, Callaway County, Missouri

The boundaries are marked with concrete corner posts. A woven wire fence id fair condition surrounds the cemetery on three sides. A number of large locust trees hav grown up in the cemetery. Several of the tombstones were knocked down. These stones were uprighted in the spring of 1997.

Recorded and photographed in the spring of 1997 by Nancy Hale Lee, Cindy Hale Davis and Beverly Sublette Robinson.

Permission was granted by Nancy to use on this website.

Row 1 [from Northwest corner southward]

"Rest father and mother in quiet sleep

While friends in sorrow of thee weep

Jesus has come and borne thee home

Beyond the stormy blast"


Row 4:

Descendents feel there may be many more family members buried here. The present borders of the cemetery do not support this. But the borders may have been altered. The concrete posts were standing as early as 1950.