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[From the Montgomery County Genealogical Society newsletter, 3rd quarter 1997]

Taken from the Wellsville Optic-News, Wellsville, MO, December 18, 1914

The Revival Meeting Closed Sunday Night
With One Hundred Eighty-Two Converts

Last Sunday was the closing day of the big Union meeting, and it was one of the big days of the entire time. The tent was filled morning and evening and there was dinner on the ground, enjoyed by all who partook of the same. The weather was a part of Mark Twain's New England kind, but it did not keep the people away nor dampen their ardor. At the morning service Evangelist Birch preached a fine sermon and Singer Carter gave himself to the song service. In the afternoon there was an uplifting prayer and praise service, and in the evening there was a more intense interest shown by the people, saved and unsaved, than at any time during the entire meeting. When the invitation was given in this last service, everyone knew that it was the last opportunity to win souls in this special way, and a great number of men, women and children moved through the tent shaking hands with their friends and inviting them to accept Christ. At these two services on the last day the harvest truly was great.

All the converts of the meeting, one hundred and eighty-two in number, were lined up around the tent and were given the right hand of fellowship, and afterwards joined hands and sang, "Blest be the tie that binds our hearts in Christian love." There was great rejoicing on the part of everybody for the great work accomplished in the lives of these and in the reviving of the work of Christ generally in the entire community.

Much credit is due the Evangelist, the singer, the pastors and the loyal people, who worked for the winning of souls and the success of the meeting along all lines. Great credit is due the men who worked so faithfully in preparing the tents, seats, lights, etc. and in removing same after the meeting was over. Also to the newspapers, the Optic-News and the Star, for courtesies, writeups, etc. Thanks are due to all who contributed in any way to the success of the enterprise. Mrs. Burch, the wife of the Evangelist, and their two children, Eugene and Laura Nell, were here during the most of the meeting, and rendered splendid service in song and personal work.

On Monday evening as previously announced, services were held in the Baptist, M.E. Christian, M.E. South and Presbyterian churches for the purpose of receiving into the churches those who converted during the meeting, and others who would come by letter. A total number of one hundred and forty were received, with more to follow at the next services......Below is a list of names of those who professed faith and the church they decided to unite with.

Baptist -- (1) Clarence Dustin (2) Mattie Dustin (3) Wm. Miller (4) Rosevelt Miller (5) Ray Christopher (6) Garland Gibson (7) Loren Osborne (8) Glenn Wilcox (9) Mrs. Annie Miller (10) Clifford Christopher (11) Gertrude Dillon (12) Martha Smith (13) Willie Wittahaus (14) Oscar Stevens (15) Ruby Dillon (16) Susie Dillon (17) Mattie Farrow (18) Arthur Kempinsky (19) Tom Lindsay (20) Homer Lindsey (21) Harry Lindsey (22) Reford Hays (23) Russel Anderson (24) J. L. Barker Jr. (25) Lillie O'Daniel (26) Tom Hepler (27) Rodney O'Daniel (28) Mary Edith Riddle (29) Estel Branstetter (30) Edith Chawkley (31) Edna Miller (32) Gut Dugan (33) Mary Ives (34) Ruby Stevens (35) Earl Finley (36) Floy Martin (37) Willis Eastham

Christian Church -- (1) Helen Hintz (2) Clara Wicklein (3) Rose Bud White (4) Leora White (5) Cleve Lowry (6) Elsie Lowry (7) Kenneth Steels (8) Wallace Steels (9) Thelma Cobb (10) Kenneth Hintz (11) Elizabeth Bryant (12) Mrs. Louis Schwendker (13) Izola Schwendker (14) Geo. Cox (15) Lester Schwendker (16) Erwin Schwendker (17) Chris O'Daniel (18) Bartly Johnson (19) Mrs. Ora Johnson (20) Hazel Updyke (21) Marlin Wullesleger (22) Dorothy Hintz (23) Allie Aston (24) Pauline White (25) Wm. Lewis (26) Ira Hall (27) Robert Hall (28) Hugh Blattner (29) O. E. Wheeler (30) Oliver Wheeler (31) Francis Williams (32) Raymond Burgess

M. E. Church -- (1) Nellie Bunker (2) Tommy Hays (3) Eva McElfresh (4) Joseph Meyers (5) Louis Meyers (6) Earl Fry (7) Ruth Fry (8) Esther Fry (9) Emma Schmidt (10) Aubry Smith (11) Mrs. Ada Cartwright (12) Ellis Adams (13) Ottis West (14) Mrs. Miles Smith (15) Arline Smith (16) Edwin Lain (17) Agnes Bethel (18) Enerson Carpenter (19) Ada Bell Smith (20) Mrs. Wm. Smith (21) Mrs. Martha Wallace (22) Elmer Smith (23) Harry Lewis (24) Mrs. Harry Lewis (25) Hobart Kuhne (26) Mrs. R. S. Deboe (27) C. M. Deboe (28) W. M. Wallace (29) Mrs. Emma Sinnaman (30) Glenn Burwell (31) Bert McMains (32) Evangeline Kuhne (33) Edward Lampe (34) Lillian Williams (35) Othelia Kirk

M. E. Church South -- (1) Helen May (2) Louis May (3) Doran Cantwell (4) Paul Kuhne (5) Vernon Ross (6) Willard Ross (7) Morrell Ross (8) Wilmer Reed Jr. (9) Russel Bruce (10) Avis Hays (11) Hermie Rutherford (12) Irene Rutherford (13) Lelia Schwendker (14) Katie Smith (15) Grace Wagner (16) Wren Seal (17) Clarence Gillam (18) Alzora Cantwell (19) R. O. Perkinson (20) W. H. Reed (21) Mrs. W. H. Reed (22) Joe Rutherford (23) James Dever (24) Ruth Ross (25) Robert Prewitt (26) Clark Duffy (27) T. L. May (28) Hubert Finley

Presbyterian -- (1) William Bentley (2) Edith Bentley (3) Jennie Bentley (4) Ray Bentley (5) James Hickerson (6) Kenneth Larkin (7) Grace Larkin (8) Archie Burkhalter (9) Walter Glynn (10) Julia Bidleman (11) Lenora Newby (12) Laura Newby (13) Fields Divens (14) Preston Mabry (15) Garland Kuhne (16) Morey Diven (17) Lindell Straube (18) Martha Bon Blain (19) Wm. Lowry (20) Raymond Lowry (21) Walter Lowry (22) Clare Enslen (23) Irene Chaugley (24) Ora B. Bentley (25) Opal Chaukley (26) Pat McDermott (27) Beverly Renner (28) Olivet Diven (29) Chas. B. Hays (30) Elsie Momberger (31) E. D. Long (32) Frank Hill (33) Mrs. Frank Hill (34) Jim Black (35) Loretta Hays (36) Cecil Bruce (37) Artie Kuhne (38) Ralph Fry (39) Wanetta McDermott (40) Keeling Wells (41) Mrs. Lona Meyers (42) Houston McDermott

Undecided --(1) Jimmie Enslen (2) Frank Wiggs (3) Ernest Stevens (4) Rex Haines (5) Lindell Gooch, not soon (6) Parker Sheets (7) Margaret Jacobs

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