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Economic Information and Statistics 1895-96
from Official Manual of the State of Missouri 1895-96

Incorporated State Banks in Montgomery County

Bank President Cashier
Jonesburg Bank
T. Purl Wm. Dyer
Montgomery County Bank
Montgomery City
B. R. Hensley
Samuel Sharp
New Florence Bank
New Florence
B. E. Wilson
A. H. Kallmeyer
Bank of Rhineland
Hugo Monnig
J. J. Merritt
Wellsville Bank
J. H. Reed
S. M. Barker

From June 30, 1893, to June 30, 1894, Montgomery County had coal mines operating which employed 40 miners in the summer months and 9 other employees in the summer. No employees were reported for the winter months. 12,175 tons of coal were mined at a value of $1.35 per ton.

Missouri furnished 109,000 soldiers to the Union army and 108,000 to the Confederate army. These figures are unofficial, but are thought to be very near actual numbers.

Population of Missouri by Civil Divisions - 1890

Bear Creek twp, including Jonesburg village  2811  2643
  Jonesburg village ( 445) ( 437)
Danville twp, including Danville and New Florence villages  2655  2682
  Danville village ( 239) ( 380)
  New Florence village ( 373) ( 465)
Lower Loutre township (Formerly Loutre)  2775  2685
Montgomery twp, including Montgomery City town  2778  3607
  Montgomery City town (1165) (2199)
Prairie twp, including Middletown village  2774  2644
  Middletown village ( 391) ( 389)
Upper Loutre twp, including Wellsville village  2456  2589
  Wellsville village ( 867) (1138)
TOTALS 16249  16850

The 1890 total may be broken down as follows:

white males  8484 white females  8366
native born 15896 foreign born   954
native parents 11941 foreign parents  2288
foreign white   954 total colored  1667

Audrain County Oracle, published at Martinsburg, Mo., Feb. 9, 1911

Montgomery is one of the close counties in the state politically and frequently elect a mixed ticket. If the report given by a citizen of that county is true it is not the fact of a growing independence among voters that makes it so, as much as it is that dollars count in an election in that county. E. Brown of Mineola told a newspaper man that boodlers hold the balance of power in that county. That it is said that there are fifty votes in Montgomery City and some in every precinct in the county that are for sale. The price of votes went up to $20 at Mineola and it is said that $25 was made at Montgomery, according to Mr. Brown, at the last election.

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